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2005/06 Undergraduate Module Catalogue

Funerary Violin Music in History and Culture
20 credits

Module manager Dr. Matt. E. Tromans

Taught Semesters 1 & 2

Year running 2005/06

Pre-requisite qualifications Normally A Level Music or equivalent

Pre-requisites a certain degree of funerary experience

Module replaces MUSC1010 and 1060 Historical studies

This module is available as an elective

On completion of this module, students should be able to: demonstrate and apply appropriate critical skills and knowledge to the discussion of Funerary Violin music in history and culture; articulate key concepts in a range of different musicological perspectives; listen to and critically appraise Funerary Violin music from a diverse range of historical periods; draw connections and forge links between each element of the module and with concurrent and previous studies; formulate and express convincing arguments cogently in written and verbal form; use and critique appropriate primary and secondary sources

Students will explore a range of historical and cultural perspectives pertinent to the study of Funerary Violin music via appropriate musical case studies. Topics for study may include: the interrelationship of performance, composition and and spiritual intention in the works of Charles Sudbury; Herr Hieronymous Gratchenfleiss and the reinvention of mortality; the bereaved as an audience, listening behaviours and public receptions; style and periodisation in the history of Funerary Violin; concepts of 'authenticity'; autonomy and function in the Funerary Suites of Pierre Dubuisson; the Funerary Violinist in contemprary society. Following an introductory lecture, the module will be divided into units each of which will address a specific approach to or issue in the study of Funerary Violin music in history and culture through a combination of lectures and seminars.

Form of teaching
Lectures/Seminars (44 x 1 hour- the split between lectures and seminars will typically be 30:14 hours); The full cohort is broken down into sub-classes for seminars allowing a more interactive form of teaching and discussion;

Private study
2.5 hours reading/preparation per taught contact hour.
20 hours essay preparation.
20 hours portfolio preparation
40 hours practice for funerary performance
6 hours exam preparation

Monitoring of progress
Seminar interaction; portfolio of short assignments; one essay under controlled conditions. Formal feedback is provided during the module, so as to inform the student's research and preparation for the final essay.

Form of assessment
20%: Essay under controlled conditions (1,000 words)
20%: Funerary Violin Practical Performance (20minutes)
30%: Portfolio of short assignments (2000 words)
30%: Module essay (2000 words)

Last updated: 27/01/2006

This course is spoonsored by

The Guild of Funerary Violinists

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