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The Art of Funerary Violin, compiled and edited by Rohan Kriwaczek - 48 pieces, including:

The Funerary Notebooks of Herr Gratchenfleiss – 15 Pieces.
A series of 15 short pieces, each exploring a different aspect of our relationship with mortality.

listen to examples as recorded by Wilhelm Kleinbach in 1912

The Noble March of Death

The Masque of Death

The Fleeting Panic of Death

The Erroneous Dirge of George Babcotte
A long passacaglia, composed by Thomas Dinsley in 1696 after reading a detailed account of the performance of George Babcotte at the funeral of Sir Philip Sidney.

The Funerary Suite no. 4 by Charles Sudbury – 7 movements.
3 marches, a panic, a flight, a dream and a eulogy, as was traditional in the 1830s.

Sept Regards sur l’Esprit de la Mort by Pierre Dubuisson – 7 movements.
A French perspective on the traditional 3 marches, a panic, a flight, a dream and and a eulogy of the 1830s by Sudbury’s foremost rival.

Complete Contents:

George Babcotte / Thomas Dinsley (1586/1697)
1. The Erroneous Dirge of George Babcotte
(listen to an extract from a modern recording)

Orlando Addleston - from Funerarius for Micheal Wise Esquire (1681)

2. Grave
3. Andante Con Moto
4. Allegretto

Compton Walberswick 1692 – Funerary Processional (1692)

5. Funerary Processional

Michel Meunier - Pompes Funèbres no. 2 (1693) -

6. Pompe I.
7. Pompe II.
8. Pompe III.

Kaspar Ignaz Faustmann – Todesmusik (1722)

9. Intrada
10. Trauermarsch I.
11. Trauermarsch II.

Ulmer Diederich - Trauermarsch (1787)

12. Trauermarsch

Herr Hieronymous Gratchenfleiss - Funerary Notebooks (?-1810)

13. (The Noble March of Death)
14. (The Dizzy Flight of Death)
15. (The Statuesque Discipline of Death)
16. (The Stately Tragedy of Death)
17. (The Formal Stance of Death)
18. (The Fleeting Panic of Death)
19. (The Masque of Death)
20. (The Subtle Sleep of Death)
21. (The Savage Indifference of Death)
22. (The Softly Spoken Wanderings of Death)
23. (The Sultry Dance of Death)
24. (The Long Uncertainty of Death)
25. (The Sombre Coquetry of Death)
26. (The Worthy Triumph of Death)

Lachlan Baird - Dirge in a Scottish Style (1818?)

27. Dirge in a Scottish Style

Joseph Sea-Boone – Funeral March in A Minor (1809)

28. Funeral March in A Minor

Pierre Dubuisson - Sept Regards sur l’Esprit de la Mort (1826)
29. Marche Funèbre - Lent, posé et majestueux
30. Vol - Magnanime et degage
31. Marche Funèbre - Sombre, pourtant ouvert sur l’avenir
32. Éloge - Lyrique et couronné de tristesse
33. Panique - Panique momentanée - enraciné bien q'essayant de se sauver
34. Rêve - Enfin libre, pas sans tristesse, l'esprit s’envole
35. Marche Funèbre - Triomphe de la tragédie

Charles Sudbury - Funerary Suite no.4 (1832)

36. March - For the subtle approach of Death: to ease the fear and calm the Soul’s gentle mortification
37. Introduction and March - To show the Soul’s newfound delight, and expel the sadness of those who mourn.
38. Dream - As the Soul looks down upon all that is laid aside, a brief moment of grief before the bargaining begins.
39. Panic - For the banishment of all spirits whose heart is not of purest white, and to drive away the evil- minded ghosts that dwell where death is to be found.
40. Flight - As if to dispel all doubts, the cleansed Spirit marks a final path between God and Man, before its ultimate ascension.
41. Eulogy - A final farewell as the Spirit rises unto God; not without sadness we put our faith, and the spirit of our dead, in God’s own hands.
(listen to an extract from a modern recording)
42. March - Now that all is done and as it should be, we may weep without reserve.

Matthew Connisten – Introduction, Dirge and March (1841)

43. Introduction
44. Dirge
45. March

Stanley Eaton – Great Funerary Sonata (1912)

46. Knocking at the Door
47. Introduction to the Angels
48. The Purging of Mortal Sin
(listen to an extract of a modern recording)